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Executive Director: Middle Flint Regional E9-1-1 Authority is seeking applicants for the position of Executive Director of its eight-county regional 9-1-1 center located in Ellaville, GA. This position supervises (24) emergency operators/dispatchers and (2) administrative employees.

Qualifications: A Bachelorís Degree or advanced training and/or certification supplemented by 7 years previous experience in public safety including the operation and management of an enhanced 9-1-1 center; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this position.   POST certification as a GA Emergency Communications officer and GCIC/NCIC or ability to complete training within 6 months of hire is required. Experience as a public safety administrator with command level decision making responsibility is preferred. Deadline for resumes will be Friday, September 16 at noon. Applicants must have a clean criminal history and submit to a background check. Salary is commensurate based on education, training and experience. This job description can be viewed online at:



Please submit cover letter, resumeí and references to:

Executive Director Selection Committee

Middle Flint Regional E9-1-1 Authority

P.O. Box 449

Ellaville, GA  31806


Or by email to: accounting@mfre911.com


Middle Flint Regional E9-1-1 Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




The Authority may hire an Executive Director, who shall be an agent and employee of the Authority with duties and responsibilities similar to those of a corporate Chief Operating Officer. Any such Executive Director shall have general and active management responsibility for the day to day business and operation of the 9-1-1 Center and in the capacity, subject to the direction, supervision and control of the Authority, and in accordance with policies, schedules, forms and other guidelines formulated, approved and adopted by the Authority.


(a) To plan and supervise the promotion, operation and maintenance of the Center and its land, facilities, equipment and services;

(b) To hire, pay, promote, train, direct, supervise, and discharge employees;

(c) To participate in negotiation and preparation of and to execute contracts for (i) the hiring of consultants/vendors (ii) the purchase of supplies and materials necessary for the promotion, operation and maintenance of the Authority and its land, facilities, equipment and services, and (iii) the use of the land, facilities, equipment and services of the Authority;

(d) To approve for payment all bills for supplies and materials necessary for the promotion, operation and maintenance of the Authority and its land, facilities, equipment and services:

(e) To direct the disbursement of salaries to all employees under his direction, supervision, and control;

(f) To coordinate operation and maintenance activities with those responsible for the promotion, operation, and maintenance of Authority property.

(g) To plan and administer the budget for the Authority;

(h) To conduct himself/herself at all times in his/her capacity as Executive Director in such a way as to effectuate the purposes of the authority and in such a way as to be in the best interest of the Authority;

(i) To give such notice of meetings of the Directors as shall be directed by whoever is calling the meetings in accordance with the by-laws of the Authority;

(j) To conduct the general correspondence of the Center and the Authority;

(k) To work with all Public Safety agencies within the Region coordinating activities with the 9-1-1 Center, promote public 9-1-1 education through public relations activities; and

(l) To have such other powers and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Authority.





Communications Officer

Middle Flint Regional E-911 is currently accepting applicants for the position of Communications Officer. Minimum Qualifications include: High School diploma or GED, valid proof of U.S. Citizenship, valid Georgia driverís license, good vision & hearing, clear speaking voice, clean criminal history, very good keyboarding skills, great multitasking, must be able to work nights, days, holidays, weekends etc. Successful applicants must pass a pre-employment skills and computer competency test. All interested applicants please contact Danielle Truelove at (229) 937-2265 or daniellet@mfre911.com.


The governing body is the Middle Flint Regional E9-1-1 Authority. The Authority is made up of representatives from each of the eight counties.

Middle Flint Regional E9-1-1 Center
P.O. Box 449
222 Hayes Av
Ellaville, GA 31806

The E9-1-1 Authority meets 4th Tuesday at 4 P.M. in the E9-1-1 Center conference room.

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